Structura Gallery, curated by Marina Slavova

My new video work What Feelings? (Excerpts), 2024 participated in the group exhibition Dog Days at Structuta Gallery, curated by Marina Slavova.

06.06.2024 – 31.07.2024

The video is composed by excerpts from Instagram chat which presents the banal story of relationships. They are "tattooed" on animated frames with plastic bodies – mannequins that deform, inflate or disintegrate under the pressure of the image and the powerlessness of words.The work aims to challenge the viewer to consider the limitations and possibilities of language, to reflect the power of words, on the complex relationships between language and image, and how language shapes and distorts our reality.

"DOG DAYS aims to explore the cognitive connections and interactions between language and image, between naming and the named, to provoke more profound reflection on how words shape our perceptions. How are our thoughts formed – through words or images? In what ways is language responsible for organizing and structuring our ideas and creating a sense of individuality and environment? And what is the role of contemporary art in the search for answers to these questions? Is there a “language of art”? Is it possible for art to contribute to making sense of the role of language in everyday life and its shortcomings, to offer a "new", slightly less "biased" and "fallible" language?"

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