What Feelings? (Excerpts)


Video 4K, sound, 19:06 min (looped)

The video is an animation built from static inames of used plastic mannequins similar to those we know well from store vitribes. On parts of them are "tattooed" excerpts from an Instagram chat between a girl and a boy. The tattoos are generated to resemble real trendy tattoos, but on lifeless bodies. The individual series are composed as a kind of dialogue, in which, feelings and thoughts turn into clichés in the form of a precise visual storyboard. The plastic material is stirred, creating the feeling that some energy activates it from inside. But it seems to "disintegrate" under the power of captured detail and the powerlessness of words. They remain as if "engraved" forever on the artificial shell resembling the body reminding us of the limits of language and image.

Sound Georgi Atanasov

Special thanks to Goran Kissiov and Teodora Dzherekarova

Video stills