Your Beauty is My Fear


Neon, installation, 58x40 cm

Although it contains sexist shades, the phrase "Your Beauty is My Fear" is not a complex of prejudices. Itrather criticizes the rudimental clichés and stereotypes to which we get used. Using the techniques of consumerism and advertising, through the shining neon text written in the author's handwriting, the work tries to "capture" our attention on the way we understand beauty, not the form through which we see it. The use of pronouns puts the viewer at odds with the work itself. Can we overcome the fear that causes us to be reckless, foolish and emotionally unstable and often hurtful in our strive to please ourselves.

Installation views and details in the Sex Appeal. A Sexist Exhibition, One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia, May 2017. Curators: Ivana Nencheva, Daniela Radeva and Stefka Tsaneva

Installation views