You Get It?

2004, video

DVD, Pal, color, sound, 21'18"

Fragment, 4'59''

You get it? is a catch phrase often used by Maria, while talking with her boyfriend Silvester. They both are walking around the town (Sofia), while talking on their mobiles. He is in his car, driving on the streets and she is walking down a crowded central boulevard. They have a stable relationship for a few years, but recently the things haven’t been going very well.

The video is an open-end story, which plot is based on the traditional concept of intimacy. During the time of 30 minutes the characters talk mostly about their relationship, however never reaching any kind of agreement. It is actually quite the contrary – they keep attacking each other, justifying their own behavior, while avoiding taking their part of the responsibility. It seems that for them is more safety and much easier to have this annoying conversation from distance, on the phone, rather than to talk face to face.

In the video this story is performed in a real dynamic urban environment. Maria and Silvester speak tense about their relationship and the slang they use, gives an additional feeling for reality of what is happening. The accidental passers by become unwitting witnesses of the nervous conversation, but they don’t pay any visible heed to what is going on.


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