Used / Loosen


Video, 4K, no sound, 1:43 min (loop)

The video is constructed by animated shots of multiple twist ties from cords of various devices the artist has purchased and used over the years. Like the movement of the protagonists in the video, it intertwines several topics of modern society – the flow of information, our dependence on technology and, as a consequence, the environmental footprint we leave behind.

The work accentuates on the body of the medium of the technological age – we often think of concepts like digital and online as relatively disembodied and situated somewhere else, in a cloudy space or mystical fog. In the context of resource overexploitation, however, we should not ignore the materiality of technology – its body, like organic matter, is worn out and transformed into waste. The video traces the rates of consumption, depreciation, and replacement beyond what is normally foreseeable.

Used / Loosen also visualizes the properties of information to diffuse, its chaotic transmission even, the powerful stream of its flow – the length of the text does not depend on the barriers through which it passes, as the small wires – synthetic blood vessels prove to us.

Special thanks to Ivelina Ivanova

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