Untitled (a Casa)

2010, two-channel vdeoinstallation

Тwo overlapping video projections (4:3 and 16:9), DVD, no sound, synchronization; 3'43" (loop)

Computer simulation, fragment, 45"

In the work the strange conglomeration of several architectural elements – a medieval monument, bronze statues of two partisans and a modern building is supplemented with another even more absurd element – sheep grazing. The location is Porta Lame, Piazza VII Novembre 1944 in Bologna. The overlapping of the two images raises the question about the historical memory and how it is integrated and presented in a particular context. But if the architecture, which belongs to different styles and epochs, could be comprehended as something normal, the presence of the two partisans in the same environment is most inappropriate. It seems that they will never leave …

The video installation is composed by two partially overlapping projections: the background layer presents animated still shots of the partisans; second (foreground) layer is a real footage with group of several sheep in pasture, which are "fitted" around the monument in the first, background layer.

Installation view, Neon Campobase Gallery, Bologna Italy, July 2010 (in the framework of the Artist in Residence program at Nosadella.due, Bologna)

Installation views