2013, video

HD, sound, 19' LED monitor; 2'45'' (loop)

Fragment, 0'28''

Two empty bottles of beer are placed on the moving walkway in one of the stations of the Sofia Metro. The camera traces their path from the remote to the nearer side. As the belt moves them to the edge, the bottles hit the step and fall down. They begin to rotate in this lying position, trapped between the stationary part and the end of the moving belt.

The work is an ironic hint to the way we make use of the public space. We have been provided conveniences but there is always someone keeping an eye on us – on how we live, how we move, how we have fun ... This often provokes us to act wrong even when we risk being noticed.

Special thanks to Vladiya Mihaylova. 

Installation view in the On the Suspense or How to Hide a Bomb Under the Table, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia, May-June 2013.

Installation views