Quite (im)possible

1998, two-channel video

DVD, Pal, 4:3, sound; 12' (loop). In collaboration with Luchezar Boyadjiev

The video material consists of two VHS tapes, which are played simultaneously on two monitors, placed next to each other. The film is a straightforward documentation of two entirely different shopping contexts for people in the city of Sofia. One is the context of the so-called "street markets" or flee markets which are full of smuggled goods, just garbage and junk stuff, or goods which have been produced in Istanbul, let’s say, under the false brand name labels for clothing and are then brought all over the country to be sold at lower (then in the West) prices. The second context is the shopping context of the so-called, boutiques, in Sofia. With higher priced goods, these represent the environment of the "new rich" in the country. Placed or rather, "collaged" next to each other on the two monitors, the tapes are meant to represent the "impossible" choice of living either here or there in the new social stratification of the Bulgarian society/reality after nearly 10 years of transformation to "capitalism".

Installation views in the Negociations, C.R.A.C. Séte, France 2000

Installation views

Video Stills