On and Off

2016, neon installation

Neon, cables, transformers, timer; 60x60 cm approx. (220x80 cm with cables). Edition of 5 + 2 AP

The installation is composed of two neon objects – the words ON and OFF with capital letters. ON is lighting in cool white. OFF is black on its front side but is lighting from the back. The diffuse reflection on the wall forming the letters silhouette. Both neons are installed one under another but OFF is upside down. They are connected with timer, which is programed to switch them separately in 5 sec interval. ON is bright while OFF looks faded.

ON and OFF are well known symbols of our daily life. They have multilateral meaning – switching on, light, beginning, power or presence are opposition of darkness, end, switching off, absence. The work juxtaposing these clichés. The constant lighting and fading set up form of replication, which is a way, the clichés to get materialized.

Installation views