My Name is Samsonite

1998, video

VHS, Pal, b/w, 4:3, sound, 3'25'' (loop). Digitally re-mastered in 2002. Exhibition copy on DVD. Edition of 3 + AP

Fragment, 2'59''

The video is recast of the original work Back and Forth (1997), two-channel video installation. This version is composed of four directions of movement, shot from a moving train. However, the image is only of the rails (tracks), “running” in four different directions – back, forth, left and right. My Name is Samsonite (the well-known producer of travel accessories) is a monotone aggressive about the endless journey from nowhere to nowhere. Depending on the viewpoint, this is a nightmare film or a dream film which does not reflect the simple movement/shifting but the very being in the state of movement as a condition of existence of mater = the material body of the contemporary artist.

Installation views The GMI − Global Multimedia Interface, Home/Leicester Square, London, 1999-2000. Photo Luchezar Boyadjiev

Installation views

Video Stills