HD video, no sound, 7'58'' (loop)

Fragment, 1'32"

The video is composed by close-up side-view shots of motorbikes running along the street, which are filmed in a central city location in Bologna. They are set up and arranged in that way to present a continuous and uninterrupted racing. The idea of the work is to provoke the visual habits and the perception of a particular urban environment through the artistically manipulated image of the real situation. 

The focus of the camera in the video is on the running motorbikes while the back­ground remains blurred. In the editing all needless frames and details are cut off and the short shots of the motorbikes follow one after another thus forming a sequence of continuous and uninterrupted movement. The image is manipulated through additional effects to create a feeling that the things we are familiar with are taken out of their usual environment, while in the same time they are enhanced by the possibilities which gives them the visual impact of such a controlled interference.

Installation view, Neon Campobase Gallery, Bologna, Italy, July 2010 (in the framework of the Artist in Residence program at Nosadella.due, Bologna)

Installation views

Video Stills