Installation Look

2016, photo installation

33 color and b/w ink-jet prints on Photo Rag Baryta paper, 45.5x59 cm and 69x84 cm, framed. Edition of 8 + 2 AP

The project combines 33 separate color and b/w prints of various sizes. These are draft computer drawings and schemes from different video installations, which are combined together with photographic images associated with them. Defined as independent works they build up an overall "portrait" of the specific workflow of the author. They are an attempt to transfer the language of video to the language of photography. The view is focused on details, images, compositions and objects, which take the lead here. As opposed to the time flow in the video, the static character in the photographs transforms these particular images into metaphors and symbols. The photos show places, images, people and spaces that have been the reference points and inspiration in the process of creating the video works.

Installation views, One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia, April 2016 and Contemporary Space, Varna, November 2016

Installation views