1995, Installation

Color and b/w photographs of different sizes; wooden and metal frames, table, mirror; 150x150x150 cm.

The close-up photographs of sexual organs and homosexual scenes are arranged facing away from the viewer. The photos have "reversed the board" and could only be seen as reflected in a mirror. The goal of the photography-voyeurism is to bypass the frames of the photographs and to eliminate this traditional border between art and reality. Even stronger is the interference of the mirror. Its magic reflecting surface behind which there exists "another", irreal space, gives life to the alluring but still placed under taboo vision. With the help of the mirror the vision becomes "reality". It plays with the viewer like with Alice who stepped into the world "through the looking glass" in order to verify its reversed reality.

Iara Boubnova

Installation views 30 Grand Prix, 6 Shipka St. Gallery, Sofia 1995 and detail


Installation views