In Addition

2008, multichannel video installation

6 videos on DVD (five displayed on a monitor and one projection), 4:3, sound, of various durations; 5 new plastic trash bins with wheels; 5 25' TV sets, 6 DVD players, a video projector, 5 stereo headphones; dimensions variable.

Fragment, 3'13''

The installation is composed of six individual videos: Five of them are close-ups of the faces of different people sharing their hopes, and the sixth one is their colligated metaphorical image. The work presents information collected as in a sociological survey among randomly selected people from the street. They have been asked the simple yet misleading question: "What are your hopes?" or "What do you hope for?"

The spontaneous answers refer to two typologically related methods of interpretation, which confront each other. They are related either with the space of the abstract (the ideal) or the material, with the global or personal. Some people define their hope in terms of their desires, while others fancy it as a dream.

The videos are arranged in a rhythmic sequence of monologues. Some follow the pattern of an intentional repetition of the same answers from different people, others set a various courses for contemplations, while a third group communicates rambling and contradictory thoughts. All are displayed as individual video portrayals, on monitors tucked into new plastic trash bins. In addition, and as a silent, metaphorical summary in the six video the camera traces a small animal (a squirrel) picking fresh buds from a tree almost fully in leaf.

Installation views, Sounds & Visions, Tel Aviv Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, February – April 2009; Indefinite Destinations, DEPO Instanbul, January – February 2010

Installation views

Video Stills