Dzjagi Video

2000, site-specific vdeoinstallation

DVD, Pal, 16:9, sound, 8' (loop); one video projector, one DVD player, audio system with two loudspeakers; a wooden construction screen.

Video documentation, CFront 2000, Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, the Ancient Bath, 2'27''

The video is a footage of a play on a football game table – the so called "dzjagi", taken from a position above the table. The frame of the image matches the four edges of the table. The camera is static, shooting only the game, the movement of the plastic figures and the ball. The players remain outside.

In the installation, the image is projected overhead on a screen which covers the entire floor of the exhibition space. The side of the screen opposite to the entrance is lifted upward by 40 cm, forming an angle to the horizontal level of the floor. The space itself is part of the installation, and the video projection transforms its characteristics. It creates the illusion that the level of the screen is actually the level of the floor and in that case the ground of the exhibition space appears dynamic by being entirely covered with the image of the game – movement of the figures and the ball, bouncing back and forth to its corners. The impression obtained from the point of the viewer standing in front of the entrance is for a dynamic surface, which appears “deconstructive” because of the angle of the screen.

Installation views from Art Today Association – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath, in the frames of the exhibition Communication Front 2000: Dimensions of the space are 248х280 cm and 580 cm high. The screen is made from wooden board and a support base. The screen is put over the entire ground space clinged closesly to the walls. The video projector is fixed on the ceiling. The video image covers the full screen accordingly.

Installation schemes and installation view Communication Front 2000, Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, the Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2000

Installation views