Displace (No wig, not lipstick, no phone and no cigarettes)


3D video, HD, sound, 5'40'' (loop), Sound Angel Simitchiev

The project is using the original video titled "A blond woman in a red skirt and bright red lipstick is speaking on the phone and smoking a cigarette" (2016). This is a video portrait, where the title implies what the image might be. However, the viewer does not see the actual image but its waveforms – the range of the color graphics diagram of the video material. The viewer is invited to "read" through the diagrams and to analyze them; to try and construct own associations on the basis of the image while relying on the direction given to him in the title of the work.

The video work "Displace (no wig, no lipstick, no phone and no cigarettes)" develops associations and transforms it into the 3D space. It is precisely such kind of distancing and disrobing the image – it is devoid of substance and morphs into colorful, abstract three-dimensional curves and linear mutations that are indicating movement, time and space. That demolishes the original video material entirely while creating a new image with new impact.

The 3D method used is side by side where the two separate parts (for left and right eyes), which come together through the use of 3D eyeglasses.

Equipment needed – 3D video projector with DLP link, active 3D glasses, audio system with two speakers.

Special thanks to Goran Kissiov and Iliyan Iliev.

Installation views from Contemporary Space, Varna. November 2016

Installation views