Choose Training 2


Three-channel video installation; HD video, synchronization, stereo sound; 16'57'' (loop). Three iPhones, various models, three chargers, coupler, stereo loudspeakers

The work is rescaled version of the video installation Choose Training (2014). It has been exhibited thereby at the One Night Stand Gallery in Sofia. The work itself is a evolving over time composition by the utopian images of the big city.

The three separate video channels are played on three different models iPhone borrowed by friends for this case. They are placed in order to match the set up of the original installation. The idea is this makeshift way to recreate the video installation even though without the powerful impact of large sized screenings. On the contrary, scaling creates new type of image. By the multyfunctionallity of modern devices that vision becomes simple means of sharing and use.

Installation view, three iPhones (4S, 5 and 6S), chargers, coupler, stereo loudspeakers

Installation view One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia, April 2016

Installation views