Choose Training


three-channel video installation, 4K and HD video, synchronization, stereo sound; 16'57'' (loop) Sound Angel Simitchiev

Computer simulation,16'57''.

Choose Training is a fitness term related to choosing your training program in a closed, air-conditioned space. In Kalin Serapionov’s large-scale video installation Choose Training is a metaphor for today’s world and its automated modus operandi. Choose Training is a portrait of the big city. Of any big city anywhere in the world that is inhabited by brightly lit advertisements, empty neon offices and afterhours places of entertainment.

Kalin Serapionov’s video installation consists of three big synchronized projections. Each one shows real footage captured by the eye of the artist. Images of blinking neon ads and bright empty offices are interspersed with people skating on ice or training at the gym. All the images that take part in this grand narrative are organized by a sound background, created by Angel Simitchiev especially for this work. It serves to emphasize the artificial character of the environment and sets an overall rhythm to bring together the whole array of diverse images.

This is the first presentation of the 3-channel video installation Choose Training in Sofia after its debut in 2014 at the Contemporary Space Gallery in Varna curated by Maria Vassileva.

Installation views