As Far Away as Near

2012-2013, video installation

HD video, 4.0 surround sound, custom size screen, black space; 10'26'' (loop). Soundtrack Martin Lukanov and Angel Simitchiev.

Fragment, 3'52''.

The video is composed by combining footage of various elements emanating light. They were filmed at random. Everything revolves around one lunar eclipse. To this astronomical event other strange objects were "added". These convey somebody's use. They are all about light and they are all located somewhere high up. The light reflected by the Moon which is slowly being "overlapped" by the shadow of our planet; a segment of corporate advertisement alternating on and off; the attractive blinking lights of various strange forms on gadgets in an amusement park; the super funny neon logo of a casino or a row of windows with ambient light on the top floors of a representative building. In spite of their multitudes of function when combined together these lighted objects create the mood of some absurd space. It is the territory of darkness, strange and full of enigma. The gaze moves from one frame to the next attracted by the possible discovery of something magnetic beyond the shining colors of the lighting effects.

Installation views at the ICA Gallery, Sofia, October 2013.

Installation views