A Blonde Woman in a Red Dress and Bright Lipstick is Talking on the Phone and Smoking a Cigarette

2016, video

HD, sound, 5'59" (loop). Edition of 5 + 2 AP. Sound Angel Simitchiev

A video portrait where the title suggests what the image is. The frame is one shot; the camera follows the “model”, the movement and the gestures. However, the viewer does not see the real image but its video scopes – the range of color graphics. The waveforms are showing the level of the video signal. The more “white spots” there are in the various color levels, the better the cinematography of the image. The image is hidden here behind the technical graphics. The viewer is urged to read and analyze these diagrams. The viewer is to build up own associations about the image, while relying on the information provided by the title of the work.

Video Stills