2006-2007, two-channel video installation

DVD, color, NTSC, 4:3, no sound; 35' (loop)

Fragment, computer simulation, 4'52''

The work is about differences in time and context that I discovered during a residency in Berkeley, California. It is a reflection on the environment, way of life, people, and their characteristics. It is a study of a specific "time" and "place". It visualizes the results of an artistic process of "surveillance" on a particular social system and territory.

The first channel shows smooth motion animated still shots of houses, neighbourhoods, and streets seen as a context. The desolated sights are combined with crawl text across the image in the whole sequence. It is a simple form of sharing the collected impressions. The second video is the opposite – variety of people or crowds, who are walking on the streets in a big city. Filmed either in close-up or group those people appear as formal image of the daily life.

Installation views, Heterotopias, 1st Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece, May – September 2007; Zero Gravity, Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, September 2008

Installation views

Video Stills