The Dessert (with the cherry on top)

After the shooting-preformance in the Sofia City Gallery on 14 February 2019, now The Dessert (with the cherry on top) is ready and is on display at Structira gallery  from January 28th to February 1st, 2020. The tree-channel video installation manifests the notion of celebration, ritual, psychological portrait and at the same time the idea of a community and artistic life. This is the third and last stage of a long-term project – a cycle of video works, that started more than 20 years ago – “The Hot Soup and My Home Community”, 1998 and “Main Course” 2006

Camera Petko Lungov, Tilmann Rödiger, Nedelcho Hazarbasanov; Lighting Vladimir Varadinov, Krassimir Yordanov; Grip Georgi Georgoev – Gigunde, Eduard Moskalenko; Sound recording Veselin Zografov; Editing Kalin Serapionov; Music Milen Apostolov; Colour grading Orlin Ruevski; Make-up Jelena Kesic, Boryana Nikolova, Dimana Arnaoudova; Cakes Liuba Atanasova – LUbakery, Yvetta Lukova, Villa Rosiche, Rawlly, Fabrika Daga (Rainbow Faktory); Video ecquipment and installation Dimitar Apostolov

With special thanks to: all colleagues invited and participated in the project, Sofia City Арт Gallery, Daniela Radeva, Orlin Ruevski, Milen Apostolov, Liuba Atanasova, Yvetta Lukova, Elena Filipcheva, Dimitar Apostolov, Structura Gallery

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