Curated by Maria Vassileva

My early work Keep the Weapon as Your Toothbrush (1995) is part of the group exhibition "The Better Part of Us" curated by Maria Vassileva in the Structura Gallery, Sofia.

Societies are structured in the dynamic between the domination of minorities over the majority and the idea of broad-based cooperation. Domination is only possible through the act of violence. This is the easy form of building society. Cooperation, on the other hand, requires much more intellectual power in the form of accumulated knowledge, creative solutions and the expression of free will. Where is the place of the artists in this dynamic and do they even have a role in these processes? Definitely yes. Always has and always will. There is no one else who can describe the tragic futility of violence and to suggest creative solutions for possible forms of collaboration.

The exhibition "The Better Part of Us" gathers works by 12 artists from different generations and periods – from 1992 to today. All the works deal with different forms of violence: from the terror against women and animals, through the political regulation and management of society (called “biopolitics” by Michel Foucault), the fearful manifestations of nationalism, the role of toxic media environment and the manipulations of the film industry, to war as its extreme. Although situated on the dark side of the emotional and rational spectrum, the exhibition not only documents and warns, but also preserves the hope that a “better part” still exists.

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