So Close and So Far Away

Center for Contemporary Art and Library, Burgas

Тhe video installation As Far Away As Near (2012-2013) is included in the exhibition So Close and So Far Away curated by Stephan Stoyanov in the Center for Contemporary Art and Library, Burgas.

August 6 – 30, 2021

Participating artists: Gabriela Von Habsburg, Kalin Serapionov, Lyudmil Georgiev, Tim Parchikov, Brian Dailey, Iv Toshain

The video is created by combining meticulous footage of natural and man-made elements, strict selection, poetical associations and psychedelic rhythm. The work is audaciously juxtaposing in the visual sequence a lunar eclipse, loaded with associations and metaphors from times immemorial, with the symbols of consumerism – blinking neon advertisements and objects from today, or rather – tonight.

The natural and the artificial; the eternal, at least within the human perspective on time, and the temporary, whose fragility is underlined by the burned out bulbs here and there; the near and the far away – the video is suggesting a variety of opposites to be “contemplated”. It is creating a hypnotic spectacle while counting on the video genre to produce suspense without falling into the trap of cinematic narration.

For the installation in the library I use one of the storage rooms, cluttered with bookshelves. The screen, measuring 420x157 cm, seems to be "landed" on top between the memory of the piled books and completely confusing our place in this shared space.