My One and Only

My One and Only curated by Stephan Stoyanov focuses on love in all its facets – this summer at the Sculpture Garden & Gallery House of Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg, 16 July – 31 August 2022

Art and love resemble one another – both touch you instantly but are difficult to control and hard to be described. The Austrian poet Erich Fried already proclaimed: “it is what it is – says love” – just as it is with art which is untamable and evokes a multitude of emotions in the spectator. The directness, independence and irrepressibility inspired Stephan Stoyanov to turn towards love as a theme in contemporary art. For his show – inaugurating on the 23rd of July at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg he gathered numerous artworks by the following artists: Marina ABRAMOVIĆ / Carlos AIRES / Tato AKHALKATSISHVILI / ANOUK LAMM ANOUK / Heather BENNETT / Madeleine BERKHEMER / Gilbert BRETTERBAUER / Carmen CALVO / Brian DAILEY / Jan FABRE / Gabriela von HABSBURG / Ivana IVKOVIĆ / Tracey MOFFAT / Trine Lise NEDREAAS / Aidan SALAKHOVA / Kalin SERAPIONOV / Miryana TODOROVA / Barthélémy TOGUO / Iv TOSHAIN / Joana VASCONCELOS / Vadim ZAKHAROV / Amir-Hossein ZANJANI

More about the show here

In this exhibition I participate with the work What Feelings? (Excerpts), 2022, which is developed as computer ganerated series of images of parts of used plastic dummies "tattooed" with texts – excerpts from an Instagram chat between a girl and a boy. More info here