Dualism II

My new work Displace – Video Stills (2022), ink-jet print on photo paper, pasted on dibond, laminated, 68.5x76 cm each. A series of 5 video stills from the original work Displace (no wig, no lipstick, no phone and no cigarettes), 2016, 3D video, HD, sound, 5:40 min.

Exhibition Dualism IIONE Gallery, Sofia, 25.01 – 4.03.2022
Partisipating artists: Vikenti Komitski, George Papazov, Iskra Blagoeva, Kalin Serapionov, Siyana Shishkova, Sofia Dimova, Stela Vassileva, Pavlin Radevsky

Dualism II project is a continuation of the exhibition of the same name, organized at the ONE Gallery in 2020. The idea of ​​unity and dualism has been quite controversial in the history of mankind. In the divine constructions and explanations of the world, duality is active – order comes from chaos, in which everything is one; Yahweh plays with Job's feelings and destiny, regardless of justice in his motives, combining good and evil.

Beyond the celestial, however, for millennia the organicity of dualism has been rejected. Western culture relies on radical transformation – in fairy tales skin turns into gold, the hero goes through initiation and to find his courage, weakness leaves the cavities of the body. Conventionally, the pursuit of the self should be goodness, purity. It was not until the Enlightenment, when myth was transformed into logos, that we came to a permanent departure from the one-sided understanding of the psyche and began to explain duality.

The exhibition deals with this (sometimes painful) coexistence of contradictions, its acceptance and (re) integration. The works explore, on the one hand, the complex nature of matter and form and their connection with the image and the visual, time – its duration and the staticity of the captured moment. At the same time, the artists seek the manifestations of this concept in social constructs, the physical, the city, the language. The exhibition is a kind of gesture to the cohabitation of polarities in the fabric of the world.

*Text – from the exibirtion's press-release. Images – installation views and details