25 Years and 5 Themes Later. ICA – Sofia Retrospective



25 years and 5 themes later. ICA – Sofia Retrospective

29 September – 29 November 2020

The Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia is honouring its 25th anniversary with an exhibition presenting old and new works, as well as works made especially by its members Ivan Moudov, Kalin Serapionov, Kiril Prashkov, Krassimir Terziev, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Mariela Gemisheva, Nedko Solakov, Pravdoliub Ivanov, and Stefan Nikolaev.

ICA – Sofia is one of the longest existing and active non-governmental organizations engaged with visual arts in Bulgaria. Its history is closely linked to the development of our art-scene in the last decades, its self-education, opening up and positioning in the world, with some of its most visible manifestations in both the local and the international context.

Twenty five years is a long enough history for a small association which is surviving almost entirely on self-financing; which has been through various dynamics and periods of optimism and disappointment; which has reformulated its goals and strategies in order to redefine the reasons for its existence while staying true to the basic principles followed in this exhibition as well. Among these are the democratization of the form and language of visual art; building up the relationship between art and public space, which is feeding the self-actualization of artistic languages; the necessary renewal of the theoretical and practical basis of professional education; the absolute belief in the meaning and power of the individual creative act as well as the understanding that contemporary art is the cultural heritage of the future. 

Curators Pravdoliub Ivanov and Kalin Serapionov – ICA-Sofia, Martina Yordanova – National Gallery. 
Mopre info about the project here

The exhibition includes 3 of my works: 

The Hot Soup and My Home Community, 1998
Video, no sound, 9'15'' (loop)

Unrendered, 2001
Two-channel video installation, sound, synchronization, 18'16'' (loop) 

In Addition, 2008 (Fragment)
Multichannel video installation; 5 videos, Pal, 4:3, sound, with various durations; 
5 new plastic trash bins with wheels; 5 25' TV sets, 5 stereo headphones