Грижете се за оръжието си както за четката си за зъби

1995, Инсталация

6 черно-бели фотографий; 145x145 см всяка, дървена кутия, пистолет, четка за зъби; вариращи размери

Vigilance – a concept long forgotten is becoming relevant again due to the pressing reality of crime in the country. The artist is capturing the way in which the live and the dead, the created and the produced, the divine and the human alternate their places and prices. One, the text of the naive slogan from the army barracks, is materilzing itself insistently while the other, human life, is devaluating, melting down and disappearing. Here the function of photography is symbolic. After "loading-up the roll of film", "taking the aim" and "squeezing the target" the destruction and the disappearance of the human being before the materialized symbol of evil is documented.

Iara Boubnova

Инсталация и детайл The New Icon, 3-то биенале на съвременното изкуство, Цетине, Черна гора 1997


Installation views

Video Stills