Дължината на този текст не зависи от преградите през които преминава


Инсталация, неон. Светлинен текст, дупки в стената, кабели, трансформатори. Приблизителни размери 220 x 550 cm

The initial basic perception of the illuminated neon text contains the more complex task of “reading between the lines”. The text’s transitioning from one space into another and the vertical flipping present diverse levels of difficulty. The word and the thought – resisting the complex barriers, obstacles and traps of the contemporary world. “The length of this text does not depend on any barrier it passes through” breaks through the walls of the gallery. The piece engages once again with the theme of communion, which happens in various forms and guises, signs, and visual messages but could never be either defeated or subdued.

Installation views