Инсталация в изложбата Export-Import, СГХГ 2002 Инсталация в изложбата Export-Import, СГХГ 2002

The photo installation consists of 12 "eye-to-eye" photo portraits of my male colleagues and my self-portraits in various (roles) "drags". Me – as part of male professional community, me – stripped down as an "ordinary" man, me – as "the other" made-up in female make-up and wig of the "blondes have fun" type. The mail portraits build-up the tone of perfect objectivity fit to illustrate "who is who" in contemporary Bulgarian art. The visual obsessiveness of the work lures the gaze towards the "retouched" image-insinuation. However, in terms of meaning this portrait is not equal to the others. It is outside of our dense ranks, it does not have the same type of existence as we do, and it simply does not exist.

The goal of the project is to visualize notions of otherness and attitudes toward difference in society – the lack of such sexuality, which is typical for our machistic environment. In this context travesty appears as one of the most shocking notions of otherness and in that way as a possible from of existence of the creative individual.